His Proposal made her day, year...LIFE.

When Zach contacted me looking for a Photographer, it wasn't on the top of my mind that he would say "I want to propose to my girlfriend, and want you to capture it" WOW Absolutely! I will admit, this was my first time doing one of these photo shoots. The excitement began; They are getting engaged and I will be capturing this on camera.

The day came, it was a beautiful sunny day in the nation's capital; Ottawa. With scenery to die for and weather to remember, it made for the perfect day to pop the question.

She had no idea, she thought these photos were for her upcoming birthday, I mean aww how amazing can this be? We strolled and found the perfect spot, overlooking the river with parliament in the backdrop, with warm sunshine beaming down on us, illuminating, the presence of love surrounds us..and what is about to happen. Zach was great, he told his future wife exactly how he felt about her and get ready for it......went down on one knee, pulled out the RING and popped the question, "Will you marry me"?

Oh My Goodness!

Her reaction says it all! Look how happy this made her; this lovely lady gets to spend the rest of her life with the man of her dreams. They get to spend the rest of their lives with the ONE that they love. LOVE is the antidote for all.

I am so blessed to have been there to witness such an amazing gesture. All caught on camera.

Check out these two lovebirds :)