Many may ask.."Why do I need to book a professional photographer when I can just take a picture from my phone?"

Yes the latest IPhone, Android, or Windows phones can all snap a picture, Yes there are lots of "filters" to match your different moods; well I have to admit that those filters are addictive! wow the moods it can create lol. But that is besides the point. Lets get to it: 

​So why do we need a Professional Photographer? The answer simply is that the photographer knows what they are doing, they have mastered their craft of "capturing a moment", with that said, they know the best angles, the best scenery to match your end photo, and believe it or not, you don't just get a "picture taker" you are getting a PHOTO-GRAPHER-EXPERT. You are getting the PERSON behind that lens.

When done right, this person can provide you with an amazing experience from beginning to end; personality, fun, creativity and deliverance of images that you absolutely love. These IMAGES will last a lifetime. Like this image below for instance, It shows her personality and it has a great mood. So 50 years from now she will remember this exact moment :)

And we can't forget that the photos turn out amazing! the right lighting and compositions. hehehe

Fun Facts

Yes it is so worth it! Check out these fun facts below: 


  • The word photography derives from the Greek words ‘photos’ – meaning light and ‘graphien’ – to draw.
  • The first digital camera offered to consumers was only 1.4 mega-pixels and cost around $10,000.
  • There are more than 240 billion photos that have been uploaded on Facebook. As on August 2013, 350 million photographs were uploaded on Facebook every single day!
  • The total number of photographs present on Facebook is 10,000 times greater than the total number of photographs that can be found US Library of Congress. Photographs in US Library of Congress is a documentation of US history since its very beginning.
  • AND it is absolutely fun to be a photographer! :)