When cancer steals someone you love and care for, there are no words that can heal, no sadness you cannot feel. There is no knowing how you can overcome the pain because when you lose someone you also lose a part of yourself.

MJ DeCoteau; founder of Rethink Breast Cancer lost her mother to breast cancer at the young age of 22. Frustrated but determined, MJ put together a team of strong, innovative minds to found Rethink Breast Cancer - empowering young people who are concerned or have been affected by the disease.

Approaching breast cancer with style and sparkle, a few young women founded Boobyball in 2002 which has raised $4 million dollars for Rethink Breast Cancer. This year's get physical theme had everyone rocking neon colours, scrunchies, MC Hammer pants, bodysuits and yes - shoulder pads! The hair was messy, the music was hype, the colours were bright and the spandex was so tight. Lagos Bar & Grill  was blasting with 80s & 90s tunes, tasty treats and neon cocktails.

The Boobyball team totally transformed the Dow's Lake Pavilion and brought us back to the 80s, The event hosted more than 400 of Ottawa's socially connected young professionals, raised over $70,000 and they're not done yet! Rethink Breast Cancer encourages young women to educate themselves on the signs of breast cancer, get regular checkups, stay fit, and practice a healthy lifestyle.

Visit www.rethinkbreastcancer.ca for information on breast health, upcoming events and how to get involved and join the movement. 

Written By: Mandy Nyoni